10 secrets for women leaders to increase exposure and reputation

As a leader you should have one of the most rewarding careers. Not only is this work interesting and challenging, but you are also influencing the direction of a lot of people and the direction of your company. You can see that you are making a big difference.

In this report, you will learn key areas of awareness about women leaders to succeed within organizations. This in-depth report identifies common trends in research for women and men in the workplace. As with any general trend, there are exceptions. You may not agree with some of the information provided, and you are invited to read with a curious mind to see what new ideas you find in your own development process. can.

Secret # 1 – Build a network internally and externally

This is important for both men and women.

This is an area that goes down well with middle-class management figures who don’t take it seriously. It is important to build networks to build allies and increase the company’s value externally. You may think you don’t have time, but it can really save you time when you need help from an ally to help with a tough project. The higher you go in the organization, the more important it is that you have strong networks. At a higher level, work is emphasized by people and by their ability to interact and communicate effectively with others.

Individuals with large networks can easily access timely and useful information to help them achieve their goals. It’s best to identify people who have mutually beneficial relationships based on common goals and interests. Which two or three people do you need to build strong relationships with?

Secret # 2 – Sell yourself effectively, not aggressively

One of the things I often see with women is how much they underestimate their achievements and they are sure that their good deeds will show. Or, in his opinion: “It’s easy and anyone with a half brain can do it.” Many women do not see their important productive forces and abilities. Women need to learn how to look at their strengths first and how to effectively sell themselves and how to connect their specific accomplishments to business drivers.

Identify your two or three accomplishments. What strengths and abilities can you identify with these achievements? See the full report for ways to identify your strengths and effectively sell yourself.

Secret No. 3 – Choose a consultant within your company

This is a very important one! Don’t wait for the company to set up a program or if there is a program and you are not a part of it then find people you value and start building relationships. It can be more important for a woman’s success than her male peers. In a study of people who joined the senior ranks of organizations, the authors of Breaking the Glass Sailing found that only 38% of successful men had teachers, but all female executives had them.

A mentor can give you advice on what you need to do in your career to move forward, how to gain visibility and recognition, and how to play the game for your specific organization. You can do this unnecessarily without asking someone to be your mentor. A mentor can encourage you to take the most risks and become an advocate for you in closed-door meetings at the executive level. Who is it that you respect and may be available to you as an informal mentor? When and how will you approach this person?

Secret number 4 – Ask for continuous assignments

Women often have to show a willingness to share their interests and extraordinary or challenging responsibilities. Otherwise, managers may assume they are not interested. You can use what you have done in Secret Secret # 2 to identify your key strengths and prepare for your ‘ability’ or to perform more difficult tasks. Women can fall into the double trap of being seen as too ambitious. So, you don’t necessarily want to tell your boss that you want his job. But, it would be acceptable to take more responsibility and generalize your interest in demonstrating this ability.

You can volunteer for visible projects that require you to expand and complete tasks that you have not had the opportunity to do in the past. Other ideas include: Volunteering at a program or conference, volunteering for a committee on a field, attending the company’s social programs and talking to people you don’t know. What action will you take in this area?

Secret # 5 – Strengthen strong emotion skills and master your emotions

The development of strong communication skills, mastery of one’s emotions, and ability to deal effectively with conflict is another key to success. Once you reach the level of management, your ability to be more effective and engaging with others is more important than your technical skills.

There has been considerable research on the importance of emotional intelligence (EI), a term used for a person’s ability to handle their emotions and to relate effectively to others. The 1990 study examined 200 companies and organizations (via Hunter et al.). It was found that high performers are 127% more productive than average actors. Qualification research indicated that approximately one-third of the difference was due to technical and perceptual (IQ) qualifications, while two-thirds was due to qualifications in the EI area. In senior leadership, 5/5 of the difference was attributed to EI eligibility. That being said, qualifying for EI is the most important commitment to your success, and especially if you are in the lead.

Secret # 6 – Learn the business game principles and how to play for success

Business is still played under the rules of team sports. As girls and boys, the way we play affects the way we play. Organizations are still deeply influenced by male culture. Therefore, in order for women to be effective in this field, they need to look at the rules of the game clearly and understand how to maneuver within this framework.

Growing up, girls learn dependence and boys learn freedom. Competition is a key principle in sports business where winning is the most important thing. Even if you grew up playing with boys, those experiences are insignificant compared to the influence of social norms. Growing up, girls learn how to intervene and develop and maintain relationships. Boys, on the other hand, learn how to subdue relationships through aggression, competition and winning.

Research shows that behaving like a human will ignite a fire. There is a narrow band of acceptable behavior in women. One important thing to remember is that for most men, business is a sport. If you feel that it is not personal, you will be able to successfully choose your strategy and choice wisely.

Secret No. 7 – Learn what it takes to successfully transfer every leadership approval

In the book The Leadership Pipeline, written by Charam, Drater & Knoll, the authors point out six areas that need different attention and attention to navigate successfully. There are six parts 1) Managing oneself, managing others, 3) Managing managers, 3) Functional managers, 4) Business managers, 5) Group managers, 6) Enterprise managers (CEOs). For your success in the above development, it is important not only to understand it, but also to understand how to focus on the development of those in your period. The cost of skill, time, and work are different for each passage and there are signs of derailment at every turn. For example, from Functional Manager to Business Manager, Approval No. 4 requires the ability to provide inspirational communication, build a strong team, understand how to make money for the company, and build strong leadership in multiple locations.

Secret number 8 – Know your image and manage it

You will want to manage how you are perceived. Here are some questions to ask yourself: How do people perceive you in your organization? What kind of reputation have you established? What image are you photographing with your clothes?

More important than that is respect as a leader. You are asked to make tough decisions that not everyone likes. This is another difference in the culture of men and women that can be stressful. As young girls, we are taught to walk together and to be liked.

One word about business attire Make sure your business attire is tasteful but doesn’t focus too much on your sexuality, such as tight skirts, sweaters, low-cut blouses or stretch dresses. The way you dress determines the overall message you send. If your make-up, hair, or clothes are standing, then what you are saying in the main conversation will be secondary. The general rule of thumb is to dress for your job, not your job. Consider what successful women at the top of your outfit are wearing and adapting to this style. You can still have your own style, just remember that a dress code is the equivalent of a team uniform and is another ‘test’ of how well you fit into the team.

Secret No. 9 – Hire an experienced coach

Hire a coach who is familiar with 360 tools and other personality and work style estimates so that you can get an idea of ​​the main purpose and how to use it in your development plan.

If you have never worked with a professional coach, you may want to consider doing a little research for a sample coaching session and contacting some experienced coaches. Many coaches offer free 45-minute coaching sessions so you can get to know them and what to expect in the coaching process. Working with an experienced coach can accelerate your progress and save you a lot of hard lessons.

Secret # 10 Know Your Long-Term Goals, Maintain a Work / Life Balance, and Help Other Women

Be clear about your long-term goals and how you will maintain a work / life balance. If your goal is to reach the top executive level, then find out what commitment it will make, how it will affect your personal life, and what support systems you will need to install. There are many ways to stay in leadership and it has a powerful effect. You may decide that you prefer to be in a middle-level management position that has the potential to influence many people and groups in the organization. Or, if you are suited to become an advanced individual partner, such as the VP of Investor Integration, then you should go for it.

For your own happiness and satisfaction in life, it is important that you identify your key productivity, your long-term goals and your personal quality of life in order to determine the best career path for you.

In a catalyst study with interviews with executive women, the women pointed out that you can’t have it all. You have to decide and choose your life priorities. If you are married, you must have a supportive partner. Many women pay for rental assistance to support childcare, home care, etc. Women are so skilled at handling and managing so many things for themselves and others in their lives that they often neglect to take care of themselves. To take care of yourself, you need to be motivated to work.

Help other women who are joining the ranks to create a collective support network for all women. This is the key to changing the culture in order to strike a balance between masculine and feminine approaches to business.

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