7 key points from the Bible Business Woman, Lydia, for today’s woman

In the Bible, Lydia was a successful businesswoman. You will find its story in the Bible in Acts 16: 14-15. According to biblical records, Lydia was a businesswoman who dyed and sold purple cloth, a commodity used by the wealthy and elite of the time. This means that Lydia operates in a high-value market with a high-end target.

But Lydia was no more than a woman who sold luxury items to the elite and powerful. All accounts show that she was also the head of her household, employed by others, and a great Christian woman. She was the first European to convert to Christianity and the first woman to establish a church in her home for other Christians. Fellowship times included examples of business and worship as part of a businesswoman’s day.

As a powerful woman of God, Lydia has a lot to offer to today’s Christian businesswomen. Here are seven valuable lessons for God’s women, from the biblical woman, Lydia.

your: Keep prayer in your daily activities. The biblical story of Lydia says that she met the apostle at the place of prayer. He is also the founder of Worship Services for others. He also opened his house. Maintain your priorities as a woman of God. Make prayer a priority activity on your daily schedule and remember to pray uncontrollably about everything, including your business activities.

2. Work to please the Lord. Lydia, as a Christian businesswoman, accepted her responsibility to work “very seriously, like the Lord.” You can show Christian beliefs by your nature and personality in a shocking or unprofessional way. Demonstrate biblical principles in your business through your actions and decisions.

3. Design a powerful company. Lydia was a nonsense business woman who made a big company in a rich market. Some say that the woman of God has to play small in the business world. Christian businesswomen should be open to working in all kinds of industries and should not be deprived of the opportunity to grow up. If you are looking for big dreams, use Lydia as your role model for development.

4. Try unconventional opportunities. As a successful and wealthy purple merchant, Lydia was in the unconventional business category of her time. Avoid embracing unconventional business opportunities. Consider working in areas where some women are already excelling and developing new paths to success.

5. Find your balance between work and home. While running a powerful business, Lydia took over her home. Every woman needs to find a way to balance her business while setting up her home. This could mean reducing support or losing a job. Use your business skills to figure out what works for you to make it work.

6. Learn to grow your business. Lydia’s business was so successful that she had to hire employees. Growing a business means you need to get help. This help can come in the form of part-time assistants, independent contractors, freelancers or full-time employees. Start with the early stages of business planning Consider when and where you will start getting support services so that you can grow your business. It creates jobs for others, boosts the economy of your area and increases your status and influence as a business professional.

7. Know that you can be happy. Lydia shows that successful Christian women can be very happy. There is no reason to be afraid of money or to give up making a lot of money in business. The key is to keep an eye on your heart so that money does not become your focus instead of God’s. In the Bible, Lydia was a business woman who thrived in the glory of God.

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