7 principles of business integrity

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t

Integrity, nothing more. – Alan K. Simpson

If I ask you which attribute is most influential?

What do you know about the success of a business?

Which is the most important? Based on me

Many years as a business owner and entrepreneur,

Discovered at the very top of the list

Integrity discrimination criteria. But without integrity

The power of a company, a business is usually short-lived. I

In fact, when there is integrity in the whole business

The deeper layers of a company and not just its surface, it

The culture of the company and can become the heart and soul

Meaning the difference between a company that succeeds and a

The company that fell.

The market has a huge impact on the Internet!

The importance of integrity is always present

Business community, but in recent days as shown

In short, the Internet is a huge influence

Now the global market is showing

Integrity, reliability and credibility are essential.

It also means the outcome of global competitions

That consumers won’t just consider a company that shows up

Less than a high level of integrity. Since it’s there

The wealth of competing companies is readily available and

Accessible via the internet, you don’t really need it

Accept anything less than the best.

Where does integrity begin?

In an effort to build the foundation of integrity,

The first requirement is to establish the best relationship

Based on many years of study with clients, the best and

The most commonly used method of achieving collaboration

Relationship marketing, as it sounds, is a relationship

The basis of marketing is single and very delicate

Feature, called “integrity”. However, getting

Real integrity with customers often leaves many

Business Surprise, Technique Grip and

Strategies that guarantee your future. But there is integrity

Not something that can be captured and then easily used.

Integrity must be in its essence

The nature of an individual, his company and team members,

Regardless, nothing. Without question

Others feel it and find it very attractive.

The true nature of integrity!

Now you are probably asking yourself, what is the truth?

The nature of integrity? In fact, some are very basic

Principles that surround business characteristics

Integrity In fact, integrity begins with a company

A leader who understands the characteristics of integrity

Put filters throughout the company throughout the sector

And the style and attitude of each member.

In a recent study conducted by the Institute of Business

Ethics. An organization that is one of the leaders in the world

In promoting corporate ethical best practices, it was found

“Companies that show a clear commitment to ethics

“It simply came to our notice then that companies were almost always performing well

Demonstrate ethical conduct. Director of the Institute

Business Ethics, Philippa Foster Blake, said: “Not only that

Ethical behavior in the business world

It has to work in principle, but it is proven by ethics

Behavior pays off in economic profits. “These results

Deserves to be considered as an important tool for companies

Strive for long term prospects and development.

The following are 7 principles of business integrity

Integrity basics and a good start

pay attention. Integrating each of these principles into one

Company environment, the result will not be less than one

The big rebirth of the enterprise

Rule # 1: Recognize that customers / clients want to do business

With a company they can trust. When trust is fundamental

Company, it’s easy to recognize. Confidence is explained

Assured to rely on character, ability, strength, or

The reality of a business.

Rule # 2: Guide to continuous improvement of the company

Be prepared to open up an organization’s ideas

For the better. Ask for feedback

Both customers and team members and your company

Will continue to grow.

Rule # 3: Do everything within yourself, regardless of circumstances

The power to gain the trust of past clients and clients,

Especially if something went wrong. Whatever you do

Respect everyone and reclaim lost business

With promises and responsibilities.

Rule No. 4: Review all printed material including small business advertisements, brochures and other business documents.

Make sure they are clear, accurate and professional.

The most important thing is to make sure that they do not misrepresent


Rule number 5: Be involved in community matters and

Activities that show that your business is one

Responsible society contributor. In other words, wait

involved in

Rule 6: Demonstrate an interest in accounting and

Keeping records, not just as a means to an end

Feel the growth of your company, but as a resource

For any “objectionable” activities; Gaining control of

Accounting and record keeping allows you to eliminate any kind of deletion

Suspicious activities immediately.

Rule # 7: Treat others with the utmost respect. regardless of

Differences, position, title, age, or other type

Privileges, always treat others professionally

Respect and thanks

While this is definitely a necessary and positive step for

A small business to recognize the importance of integrity

As a tool to achieve your desired results, that’s all

Getting Started. Should the truth be acknowledged?

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there

Entrepreneurship leads to integrity, in its overall mindset

Unstable implementation of the company and these keys

Elements that define an enterprise are really defined. A small

The business that raises the issue of integrity

It will not be clear in its strategies and policies

Between consumers, partners and partners, but overall

Influence can’t help but result in a profitable,

Recognizing the value of successful company integrity,

And to follow each of the above 7 principles

To achieve integrity, your success cannot be over.

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