Bulletproof your business for survival in an epidemic

The recent turmoil with coronaviruses is once again taking home the urgent need for small to medium-sized companies to try to make themselves bulletproof. In fact, suddenly or gradually, they are less likely to change economic and environmental conditions.

It’s about building a business that’s agile and responsive and adaptable to any risk. It’s about the ability to survive and thrive when all hell is gone. It is ready to stop any business that gets in its way.

When I talk to my clients in the St. Louis area, the level of emotional and irrational share mind is highest where no company has fully implemented an architecture that gives them a stable, permanent And prepares for scalable growth. They do not yet have the confidence and clarity that it comes with being a “fortress of certainty” that their business will survive and thrive, regardless of the risk.

The counter that has been set up with these companies and which they see as a threat is on the horizon, in this case the corona virus. Before everyone’s fans came, many people had their own plans. Worst case scenario – this will reduce the short-term and long-term effects, both financial and non-financial, because they were ready.

How do you set up a small to medium sized business? Honestly, the way you prepare the business for techniques and growth. When you want to take your business to the next level, that foundation or platform will protect your business when there is a storm. That’s the big difference, and why do your business run when so many of your competitors fall out of the way?

It’s really easy and you can count them aside.

  1. It starts with the leader. Great companies have great leaders. A great leader is ready and has the emotional intelligence to face all challenges. They may not have all the answers, but at least they know how to find them.
  2. Every business needs an operating system, a platform that stabilizes the business and makes it run consistently and predictably.
  3. No business can succeed without the right people in the right seats.
  4. You can’t run a business without good, solid data to help you make the “right” decisions and plan effectively.
  5. Everyone in your organization must line up in the same direction, thinking like business owners.

It’s a very high level set of requirements, but, for companies that want to get to the next level, scalable success is a necessity. The bonus is having the added benefit of protecting yourself from the events we are currently experiencing.

Author Jim Rohin once said, “Business is spring, summer, autumn and winter.” Businesses should always plan for winter and enjoy other seasons. In our research, 80% of small to medium-sized companies are not ready for winter. Those who will leave their opponents in the dust.

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