How To Strengthen Your Small Business Strategy During The Crowd 19 Crisis

Easy Ways to Create a Corona Virus Crisis Management Plan

As small business owners, we are prepared for many things, whether it is a seasonal shift in sales or an unexpected absence of an employee.

But we haven’t seen anything like the CoVID-19 epidemic, which makes us uncertain about coping with this strange time.

I know this is a terrible and isolated time, both personally and professionally. I hope you stay safe and healthy, and that you can help plan the corona virus related business challenges.

I personally have had to focus on being an entrepreneur many times, and when it can be stressful, it can also be a time of innovation and growth.

When planning your own Corona virus crisis management for business, here are a few things to focus on:

The importance of helping more on sales

I know you have a company to run, and I’m not advising you to start giving away things for free or risk your health to open a store. What I’m suggesting is that when you’re running your company, you take a step back and think about your community.

Maybe there is a way you can help people in this difficult time. One of our clients, Broken Whiskey, had to stop serving customers at his Agassi, BC restaurant. Instead, they created a select menu of great foods for just $ 5 each, which can be pre-ordered and picked up.

And not only is his Facebook post being liked and shared because it’s a delicious offer and a way to give back to the community, he’s also started a charity. More and more people are paying to buy food for the needy.

Is there a way you can better serve your existing marketing model to your customers and the community?

Online events and presentations

Of course, hosting a conference or award dinner is out of bounds right now. A big part of your plan for business challenges related to COVID-19 is going to be incorporating an online marketing strategy.

Think of some ways you can still connect people from the comfort of your own home, including webinars, Facebook live videos, and virtual conferences using tools like Zoom. And don’t just focus on coronavirus content. Keep making videos that will benefit your small business marketing strategy after the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Here’s a great example of online marketing. A jolt of genius We have a client in North Vancouver, BC. As an interior decorator, Barbara Islesworth has developed her own company that works directly with customers and manufacturers. However, with the crisis of Covid 19, she had to focus on her marketing strategy to incorporate virtual consulting and project management.

Barb is also inviting people to send a challenge to decorate and design their photos via Instagram, and is then offering to send her ideas for a possible solution.

It’s a fun and inspiring way to engage her community when she needs it most!

Should you stop marketing during Code 19? Read more on our website

Unless you sell toilet paper or hand cleaners, you may be concerned about the effects of the corona virus on your small business. Your income, employees and empty marketing funnel. So does that mean you should quit and stop your marketing efforts right now? no!

I firmly believe in what we can do in the midst of adversity and focus on making a difference. In this article, I’m sharing some of the ways you can deal with the marketing challenge during a crisis and keep your company afloat.

Business planning for future growth

Of course you have to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic with the right messaging, but don’t be a tunnel point when it comes to your marketing strategy and advertising dollars.

Although consumers are spending a lot of time online, they are still reluctant to make decisions about the future. If you have a service that requires your customers to plan or travel far ahead, your conversion rate will be affected during the spread. So don’t expect the same content and ads to keep coming in before the epidemic.

But not all is lost! This can be an opportunity to engage with your customers on social media and increase your brand awareness with content and even paid advertising. With paid advertising, you may also find that your online competition is lower in times of economic downturn, which means you’ll pay less for more eyes and clicks.

From promoting spring-themed gift cards on your website to creating useful articles on financial planning during Cove 19, tell your customers a reason to stay with you, even if the epidemic gives you more business. Bringing

For example, Your yoga flow Is an online app that provides virtual yoga classes. If anything, their sales are on the rise as people try to stay active and healthy at home. Not only by selling their services, but by providing free meditation during “these trial times”, they promote brand awareness, give something back and stay in mind.

If you are looking forward to developing your Corona Virus Crisis Management Plan, you will be in a much better position to stay relevant to your audience and re-market at the right time.

Empower your employees

According to recent statistics, more than 500,000 Canadians, or about 2.5% of the workforce, have already filed EI applications. If you don’t have to make tough decisions about keeping staff separate, how can you keep your team busy and optimistic about the future?

Here are some ideas:

  • Offer training opportunities to help your team and your company in the long run – whether it’s getting a new certificate or reading industry-related books.

  • For example, make vacation leave policies or working hours more flexible to accommodate such employees.

  • Share jobs across departments to increase accountability to your customers.

  • Involve your team in “backburner” projects or things you’ve left out because you were too busy before.

If your team is working from a distance, make sure to visit them often. A virtual daily coffee or 15 minute meeting to see how everyone is doing is essential to your team’s mental health and well-being.

No matter what kind of company you have, your customers are still looking for help and reassurance. As you prepare your Corona virus crisis management plan, keep in mind that everyone is being bombarded with messaging noise.

This means getting e-newsletters from every company emails they have ever followed on social media, purchased from a product or signed up! When you are consolidating your small business marketing strategy to avoid the COVID-19 crisis, make sure all your communications provide communicative, meaningful, and relevant information.

The more value you can offer your customers right now, the more successful you will be when we are attracted to a new way of marketing and emerge from the global crisis that has made our world so small.

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