Keep your small business afloat during the quaid

While many small businesses may be thriving these days, most are only surviving on this epidemic.

I spend less time processing orders … and more time applying for grants. And although I definitely need more time to complete these “rainy day” jobs … it seems like they have the ability to shake hands with me as well as get the job done.

Like everything else, the year 2020 does not run on our typical cell cycle with the expected seasonal and holiday fluctuations. Fifteen years of sales reports have not helped us understand what is happening, nor can we prepare for what is to come.

At first we were optimistic because we didn’t see anything unusual. In fact, we’ve probably seen a slight increase in pin stripping of tape sales … probably because people are home and bored.

But unfortunately, where sales continued into the summer, they did so at a very slow pace … with too many people leaving work and low discretionary incomes.

As the fall draws to a close, we’re pleased to see a slight increase in custom rear window decals and truck letter orders … some restrictions may have been lifted and businesses may have to pay for advertising. Need an effective method.

Hopefully with the holidays approaching again, we immediately got a check of the fact that sales are half of our normal holiday sales … Parents are leaving gifts so they can afford their children’s expenses. کرسکیں۔

We have experienced fluctuations. We are unfortunately familiar with them. In 2012, when Long Island was located on the south coast of New York, we experienced the supermarket Sandy. Our business came face to face with 5 feet of water and got lost. We lost tragically. Goods worth 25k +, up to 10k + worth of inventory, Sandy had no mercy.

But in the end we prevailed. We back up, buy new stuff, outsource our sales until we get back to business (quite literally).

And that’s the plan behind the code. Find new customers and build new relationships to rebuild your sales. Lawn marks are appearing on the highways, and if we are honest, fingers are being crossed.

If your business is affected by Quaid, we understand. Not all grants in the world can alleviate the mental anguish caused by this epidemic … the emotional uncertainty … and the incredible grief of life.

But I can’t help but remember some of those feelings after Hurricane Sandy … and we’re still here. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.

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