Profitable Business Idea – Special Screen Making

Curtains are an essential element of any interior and will not be replaced by jealousy of any such product. Even ordering jealousy over windows, house owners or apartments will not deny the veil of habit. Businesses offering original and elegant curtains do not exist in most cities, and the demand for such goods is very high. It has been warmed by a new direction in textile design, which suggests changing the curtains according to the weather and mood. So, by opening a curtain sewing business, you can be assured that you will not be without work.

By the way, jealous sellers and vendors are not rivals these days, but allies. So far, not everyone is ready to hang a heavy portrait in the apartment, but it is important to avoid some light. So the citizens will get jealous and since their nature is not associated with the pleasure of home, they will cover a habit with a tool screen. Similar cooperation would be mutually beneficial: Jealous sellers could advertise their wares as an important factor in protecting the interior, which would prevent other items, including curtains, from burning. Curtain sellers – can position their products as part of the interior that makes the house comfortable.

A successful curtain sewing business is based on two components: the salon where the goods are delivered, and the shop where the goods are made. However, in a century of information technology, the Internet site can play the role of an exhibition platform where colorful images of different screens will be presented. But remember, buyers tend to rely more on goods that they can not only see, but also touch. Curtain salons will serve this purpose perfectly. Also, it is not necessary to open a shop on tailoring. It is possible to find domestic workers with sewing machines.

To organize your salon, you will need an area of ​​about 30 square meters. You can also use your usual apartment as a salon. The apartment will almost certainly not require repairs as all the walls, windows and apertures in it will be hung with various stylish curtains. It does not want to buy ready-made curtains for your entire client, and after preferring to sew special curtains, must offer a lot of style, wants something special. As a rule, he not only finds pieces of fabric that cover the windows, but also stylish curtains of qualified fabrics found by a skilled designer based on his desire so that your The environment around the salon should represent all its features. .

If you have decided to open a shop, you need to start with five workplaces for which 90 square meters of area is enough. You can get a sewing machine of Chinese production for $ 500, its cost is around 2000, it is also necessary to have a machine for secret sewing. It costs up to a thousand dollars.

Basically, different types are possible, as they say. You can have your own shop, or your own salon. In that case you can easily order salons that have no production of their own. Benefit of the given variable – you will get rid of the need to interact with eccentric clients. In practice, however, it is often the enterprise’s job to sew curtains under other schemes: the merchant opens his own salon and involves all the creative part, and the foreign sewing shop engages in direct sewing. The important thing here is the availability of a talented designer who can create really special things. Such designers will be able to do both gauging at the same time, and work as a sales manager. It is also important to have someone with their own transport and some skills who will hang home-made curtains in the customer. This person will also throw rocks. As a rule, these workers are involved in fixed payments from outside.

The following are statistics about the work of the salon. Different manufacturers estimate the fabric catalog where product samples are offered, for -1 20-1000. An average of 6 meters is required per window. The margin is not less than 50, depending on the designer’s intentions, which can be even greater. As a rule, a customer brings in a salon for سے 700 to ہزار 1,000. As practice shows, a few thousand dollars of investment will be enough for this business. Considering how fast it can be paid.

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