What kind of staff do you need to run a successful restaurant?

Running a successful restaurant is not a walk in the park and the fact is, most people are well aware of it without any misunderstandings. Probably only for those who know very little about the restaurant business, but when it comes to the restaurant business, basically everyone on earth is on the same page. Managers, chefs, servers, bispers, dishwashers, hosts and bartenders are some of the people you need to hire for your restaurant staff. Running a restaurant on the go will be really challenging and you will see that some of the duties of your staff will move from one category to another. You will soon be able to set up your own restaurant, but while you are still trying to figure things out, you will need a staff who is ready and willing to go the extra mile in their duties and responsibilities.


Hiring a restaurant manager is the first thing to consider before opening a restaurant, and this is because the manager is one of your staff who will help you get 50% or more of the job. Sometimes they even do 110 the work if you decide that you live in it and just collect your profitable and positive reviews of your restaurant and don’t dip your hand in it like most restoration work Are Will join the job of manager,

  • Be able to open and close the restaurant without any hassle (or easily preferred).
  • Have at least a good idea of ​​what to eat, drink and other essentials in the kitchen
  • Knows how to use Cash Registry and make accounting easy
  • Track restaurant inventory
  • Train and manage staff
  • Communicate well with suppliers
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies, and
  • Be able to perform other duties when the opportunity arises

If you are just starting out in the restaurant business, then it is best to hire a background manager in a small restaurant. From there, restaurant managers will learn how to develop their roles as well as leadership skills. In addition to having good qualities as a leader, your manager should also learn how to work beyond those responsibilities. It must have expertise in people or what we call good public relations expertise which is basically customer service that is performed successfully. Therefore, they should have the ability to supervise the staff in the kitchen, hospitality entrance, lounge and lounges, service area, bar as well and they should also be a person who can make the customers feel welcome and comfortable.

Managers typically work more than 40 hours a week. However, extending their working hours is not a good idea, because they are just human beings. They will not be motivated by the stress of working too hard, so it is best to keep them at their best.


There are actually 12 different types of chefs that work in the kitchen of a restaurant, but you will probably need to know about 2 or 3 of them as these will be the ones you keep in your restaurant. Will If you’re just starting out on a limited budget, you’ll probably need only one executive chef. Of course, if you are financially ready to run a restaurant, you can also get the services of a sauce chef who is the right hand of the executive chef as well as a pastry chef (patisserie) who is very helpful in making desserts. Will prove The best thing about having a menu chef at home, especially one who is trained in a recognized culinary school, is that it is tantamount to hiring an artist. They don’t just cook. They create art in each of their kitchens and they help your restaurant build its reputation. The only downside to hiring a chef is that they often have different ways of running their restaurant with you and are more expensive to keep.

the Cook

To run a successful restaurant business You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Preferably you will need 3 cooks in the kitchen. Two of the chefs will be working full time while the third meal will be part time. Why? Well, 2 full time cooks will be working under the table order according to customer demand for daily cooking and appetizing customers, while part time cooks will be helpful in peak times, such as weekend getaways, and line. Can act as a coke, easy preparation, during slow periods.

Remember that you want to hire your chefs based on the type of restaurant you have created. Chefs will be a great help to your chefs, especially when your restaurant is also constantly growing as a permanent benefit – recruiting cooks can impress your chef and make them a culinary study. I may fall. Who wouldn’t be proud of this achievement even though you have only a small part in it?


Although dishwashing is an easy task for anyone, it is still important to keep these dinner plates clean and ready for the next round of meals that visitors will want. You’ll also need 2-3 dishwashers, but keep them all on a part-time basis or keep 1 full-time and the other 2 may come in during lunch or dinner shifts. You can hire high school or college students who are looking for small jobs with good pay.

Serving staff

Service staff or wait staff is very important if you want to run a successful restaurant business, and this is because they make some special administrative arrangements and they are also included in your mobile customer service dining hall. Customer retention depends heavily on your waiting staff, so if they make a good impression on your customers, you can be sure that there is a good chance that those customers will return more and more. As hard as it is to believe, your menu is just another important thing that your customers value – the way you treat them will leave a lasting impression on them.

Your staff should have a pleasant personality, be polite and able to work under pressure. You may want to hire full-timers and part-timers for this role, as you will need wait staff at times or if you provide catering services to a large crowd. Also, most people who work in this position do not intend to stay as long-awaited staff, so they can leave at any time and it is not a good idea to keep them as full-time employees with benefits. Will be.

Hosting staff

The restaurant host, the guy who greets guests at the entrance and displays them at his desk, is another customer service staff who actively serves the customer as a waitress. Weight staff and hosting staff work by hand during closing hours, but after slow days, then you can take a break from your part-time employees. The people you will host will be people-oriented and organized. They should also have pleasant personalities because their work requires them to deal with people all the time.


Buspersons work closely with the wait staff and hosting staff as the dining hall is their responsibility. However, Buspersons have a different kind of responsibility than their co-workers. In particular, they post at specific stations across the dining hall to clean water glasses, clean boxes, clean tables, so that the next guests can arrive and so on. Prepare them. Like your West staff or service staff, it may be better to hire only part-time bus buspersons (preferably students who want to resume their work with some experience). Don’t try to pay them too much though, because they are the ones who get the most hints from consumers.


Finally you will also need bartenders, especially if you are open between 5pm and 11pm, but customers also come for lunch and want something to drink. So you may need to hire more than 2 bartenders to get to your bar. The bartender also needs to check the wine order sheet and wine list and close the bar again. They are responsible for preparing spices and mixers for the whole day as well as ordering supplies. They also need to have the skills to be able to do regular, special drinks as well as special requests, multinational work and small talk with individual customers. Be sure to hire the right person for the job and preferably hire someone who has previous experience as a bartender.

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