What to do when your business is not ready for a black goose program like Corona virus

Don’t worry There are some very simple things you can and should do.

Your receptionist or bodyguard is watching the front door, an alarm system at night, anti-virus software protecting your computers, and a firewall protecting your servers. It’s all good except one thing. You have just sent your staff to work from home. You may not allow information related to your business, including compliance requirements and some data that must be protected, to be accessible to the Internet. Don’t put your business, your employees, or your customers on the Internet, pirates and scammers, or worse. If you suddenly find yourself in this position, consider providing your employees with these basic tools to allow them to work safely from home.

We live in an age where the risk to our intelligence is increasing every day. The need to protect digital communications puts a huge strain on a business and requires constant diligence to mitigate the risks involved. During the Black Swan event, such as the spread of COVID-19, where you are forced to make an important decision, such as sending your staff home with just a few days’ notice, it is imperative that you resign your bodyguard. Don’t give Using a secure encrypted email application is the first line of defense for your business.

Email encryption is required

You need an application that your entire team can use safely, easily and simply. You don’t have time for extended training sessions or to find out who has the ability at home. You need a product that is easy to install, easy to use and very flexible, including a compatible mobile app. If you are sending secure emails to clients, suppliers or other people outside of your business, you will need an application that will ask you to send confidential emails to recipients in order to receive secure emails. ۔

Send through Protected Trust _ Send https://envoy.protectedtrust.com/ Their free trial is being extended to 30 days during this crisis, which does not require further financial commitment. Group rates are available if you decide to continue using in the future.

Team communication

Communicating with your employee team in as simple and transparent a way as possible helps keep your team focused and motivated, even when working from a distance. There are numerous products on the market that provide texting and group chats, video conferencing, scheduling and hosting online team meetings, and file cooperation and sharing. Adding these capabilities to one, easy-to-use application to keep things as simple as possible to get employees used to working remotely will eliminate a lot of headaches and your team. Will be back to work faster. The Microsoft Teams application is a great way to accomplish this. There are some lower fees, but they are lower if you are able to maintain employee productivity.

check this out https://www.protectedtrust.com/ They specialize in creating virtual teams.

Change of culture

Employees like to work from home and see the ability to do anything at any time as a benefit. No traffic, no gas, and work in your PJ if you want. Then they finish their first day working remotely and their list may change soon. No quiet office, no running away from children, business lunches, lack of contact with co-workers and delays in doing their work because they can’t go to the hall to ask questions of the boss. Let’s face it, people have a lot of reasons to like working from the office. Your employees may be in a culture shock. Some will handle it and see it as an advantage, and some will not.

Working with remote employees is also a culture change for managers. Can you run a business without the ability to run your employee’s fingers across your board? Many managers are “old school” and have more of a culture change problem than their employees. Much of the change is in the manager’s mindset. https://paulemcmahon.wordpress.com/2020/03/15/6-tips-in-10-minutes-for-successful-working-from-home/

I suggest a book by Paul McMahon entitled “Virtual Project Management”. This software was written for managers but is widely used in any virtual environment. www.pemsystems.com

There are many reasons to believe that working days in high-rise office towers are over. What 9-11 did not meet could be the epidemic of 2020. Of course, I admit that there are jobs that can’t be done from afar … but many of them can be done. When you lock doors and let your employees work from home, it costs a fortune to run most offices, rent, electricity, cleaning, insurance. Reducing overhead costs due to lack of control over your employees is a great business. Use the current situation to try to work remotely with your employee team. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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