Why isn’t the book part of your business?

If you are a business coach or consultant and you have not advised your clients to have a book become part of their business, you are ruining them.

Writing a business book, manual, booklet, pamphlet, guide, how-to, workbook, etc. helps a business owner (regardless of industry) verify their visibility, credibility, and expertise.

If your business coach or consultant hasn’t already told you, I’m here to tell you: a book should be part of your business. You may be saying to yourself, “Well, I thought about writing a book, but I’m not an author.” what do you think? You don’t have to be a writer to be a published author. Resources are available to help you put your thoughts, ideas and ideas into print and / or audio. There are literary industry professionals here who can help you shorten your learning curve as well as promote the literary industry when it comes to the writing and publishing business.

Expressing your message in print can allow you to reach people you don’t know in a clear and specific way. It’s also an extension of the services you provide to people who know you.

Before you say, “I have no idea what kind of material to put in the book,” I assure you that nine out of ten times, your book has already been written. You have the materials needed to submit the post. If you are blogging, article marketing, content marketing, social media posts, or podcasts and videos, this content can be placed in the book.

Edit, tweak, and edit your blog and articles. Translate any video and podcast into text. Create tips, resources and techniques you’re sharing on social media. And did you know that members of your community and network have asked questions on their social media posts and you commented? Use them too!

So, if you don’t want to save and keep track of your public posts, you might want to start doing it now. Also, rearranging the content is amazing, so why not re-create it in the book?

Adding publishing to your existing business should not be an option, but rather, a necessity. Books generate surplus, passive, and residual income, and if used to generate multiple streams of income, can help build a generational import wealth.

As an expert, when consumers come to you for professional advice on a particular subject, you should say “I have written a book on it” … and that means!

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