Why so many business and money-making projects through pastors, missions and Christian organizations fail

I know of some missions and ministries that have tried and failed to establish business or farming income. Many pastors who have been involved in business and MLM projects have failed. Why is that Shouldn’t one expect them to bless such plans to expand their kingdom? Can’t I trust God to bless my business – especially if I’m basically working for it. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but God does not want to bless your business! He has no interest in your business! why like this?

If you are not asked to join the business, you are in the wrong place

God is only interested in his business, not yours. So, if you are called a pastor or missionary and you involve yourself in business, you are giving up God’s business and demanding your life. Return to the place where God called you as soon as possible, and obey the call until God takes you in a different way. “No one involved in the war gets involved in the affairs of life, so that he can please the one who recruited him as a soldier.” (2Ti ​​2: ​​4 NKJV)

That is why I have mentioned in another article that the most important qualification for a Ministry of Business Manager is to call. The business ministry manager, like a pastor or missionary, has to call – no job, and if that’s not your calling, stick to what God has called you to do. This is one of the main reasons why so many pastors and missionaries fail in business.

Lack of business training and experience

Another reason many pastors and missionaries fail in business is the lack of business training and experience. If even a common man can fulfill the role of a pastor, there will be no need for training as a pastor. Similarly, if a pastor can fulfill the role of a businessman in the same way, business training will not be required. However, both assumptions are wrong, as both jobs require special training and experience. Although there are exceptions to this rule, do not trust them as they are very few in number.

Distributed focus

A third reason why many pastors and missionaries fail in their business is that their focus is on division. Succeeding at business requires your single-mindedness – and in fact your ministry. I know of a full-time pastor who also runs his own restaurant. I have to admit that I don’t know what he does best, but I’d be surprised if he did both equally well.

Multi-level marketing projects are great for diverting the attention of pastors and missionaries. I know, as I have personally targeted many pastors through my MLM projects. I realized now that it was a mistake. That is why I recommend the appointment of a Commerce Ministry Manager whose phone and job is to run and manage business plans on behalf of the Ministry, Mission or Organization.

There is a very important secret to success in every area of ​​life and especially in business. Focus means that you stay focused and focused on your subject or object. The use of magnifying glass to put out fires is a good example. The magnifying glass focuses the sun’s rays on a particular point, resulting in the concentration of the rays causing such intense heat that it illuminates the fire. The same is true for the spiritual ministry. “O Lord Abraham, Isaac, and the God of Israel, our fathers, keep it forever in the minds of your people, and fix their hearts on you.” (1Ch 29:18 NKJV)

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